Exercise is as essential to a healthy body as eating the right food.

It is a critical part of the process that maintains our fitness levels and basic bodily structures. First and foremost, exercise helps keep our hearts strong and our arteries flowing. Exercise also stimulates the calcium building process in our bones, so we can slow the bone-thinning, debilitating disease of old age—osteoporosis.When done properly, exercise helps keep the slippery fluid in our joints flowing and helps maintain healthy cartilage, thus easing the joint friction that leads to arthritis.

So exercise benefits the heart, arteries, bones, and joints, but that’s not all. Most importantly, exercise helps keep our muscles conditioned by building and maintaining their mass. Maintaining healthy muscle mass means continued strength and the ability to maintain your ideal weight.

The more muscle mass you acquire and maintain, the more calories you burn throughout the day.

This is because more muscle = better metabolism which uses more fuel, even when you are at rest.
More muscle = better metabolism

Exercise keeps muscles toned and helps fight the effects of aging—a sagging backside, flabby upper arms and the dimpling-effect of cellulite. Exercise is essential to our staying power.

It helps us take the stairs easier, walk or run farther, breathe more efficiently, and increases our energy. There is even scientific evidence to prove that exercise is a mood elevator, depression fighter, and an overall age extender. But, you must be asking by now, what about weight loss?Exercise is synonymous with weight loss, right?

Well, get ready for another surprise:

Exercise is The Other Energy

For most people who decide that they want (or need) to lose weight, the knee- jerk response is I’ve got to get to the gym.   Few of these people look forward to scheduled exercise and view it as a painful step to weight loss.

Many people mistakenly believe that exercise is more important than a healthy diet when it comes to losing weight. It is our eating habits that profoundly affect our personal well-being and longevity and act as the primary force for shedding body fat and regulating metabolism. Exercise burns calories, but it is most important in maintain- ing your weight and health. In the absence of a properly managed diet, exercise alone will at
Exercise is most important for maintaining your weight and health.

Fact: You can essentially produce any change in your body by using a combination of diet modifications and different physical training techniques. Reducing your caloric intake while burning more calories will obviously help increase your weight loss odds, but there’s more to it than that. Here are some encouraging examples: 

Did you know that your metabolism burns at a faster rate formany hours after most conditioning exercises are finished? That means a larger portion of your next meal will be burned off instead of being stored in your body as extra calories if you exercise before.

Timing between exercises is important as well as eating particular foods before or after exercise because both can make it easier to create and maintain muscle mass. This means less total exercise is required creating a less stressful fitness cycle that constantly feeds off itself to ensure that you reach your goals and maintain them once they are achieved. 

Not only will you be able to create your own diet and exercise program after reading Parts 2and 3, but in Part 4 – Putting it All Together, you will have the option to choose from five different real life examples that have sample eating and exercise programs provided for each one. I encourage you to enjoy yourself in the process. You are about to take charge of your health and fitness in a way you never have before, with more quality information than you have ever had from one source.


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