What are we made of
All living things share the same atoms and molecules from the beginning of life  to the end of life; carbon, oxygen, nitrogen, and hydrogen.  These elements   form the trillions of individual cells that make up the body and the active processes, such as metabolism, that allow us to function. In reality, our body and metabolism were developed or calibrated to use the foods that contain these elements—foods found in nature, or what we now call natural, unprocessed foods. We were designed to absorb nutrients that exist in natural foods made  up of these elements: carbon, oxygen, nitrogen, and hydrogen, which are all extracted from three sources: air, water, and food sources. Now I know that some of you may glaze over at the mention of scientific facts or anthropological theories so I’m just going to give you the basics and if you want to learn more, you can explore the website for more  detailed information .

Metabolisms that evolved over Millenia
Early man ate lean meats, fresh fruit, assorted vegetables, and nuts. According to recent studies, anthropologists have found that early man ate lean meats, fresh fruit, assorted vegetables, and nuts. Food was naturally available in the environment and naturally provided all of the nutrients that humans needed to run their machines at peak efficiency. Food was not readily available in a refrigerator  in the next room – they had to work for it back then. But most importantly, they ate when their body told them to – throughout the day usually five to seven small meals.Sometimes food was scarce and because of that, early man was instinct-driven for survival. Eat it when you find it because you might not be eating tomorrow. The most brilliant natural defense mechanism to ward off starvation was the body’s ability to store fat. Fat is high in calories and is an excellent fuel. It is also compact and can store more calories in smaller spaces throughout the body than carbohydrates and proteins.

History of Humankind
In the early years of human development, fat was the wonder fuel. Fat supplied energy for the constant physical activity required in the days of hunting and gathering. There was little opportunity for fat to collect around midsections, or anywhere else on the body in large quantities. While some other species thrived or became extinct depending upon their ability to survive in their environments, the developed human brain found unique ways to ensure survival by adapting to a change in the environment or migrating to a new environment.

As time moved on and agriculture developed, societies depended less and less on hunting and gathering. Starvation became a concern only in the years when harvests were bad. As we became more “civilized” and our crops provided more food than we needed  to survive, things began to change. What was genetically programmed into us to ensure our existence was beginning to threaten our health and very survival.The other factor that now contributes to our collective weight and health problems is inactivity. Early man had to work hard to gather the fruits, vegetables, nuts, and lean wild game that made up his diet. Primitive man ate very few “empty” calories—there were no cup cakes, potato chips, or candy bars to be gathered in the forest!

How we eat
While we can only theorize about how frequently primitive human habits. It's very probable that we ate what we found when we found it. Meals were small and eaten frequently throughout the day. Primitive beings certainly had no weight problems: they were constantly moving; eating only natural, unprocessed foods; and drinking only water throughout the day.Fast forward to the 21st Century.

Our bodies are a miracle of design. They  will accept virtually anything we eat (other than what is poisonous), use what it needs for fuel and turn the excess calories into fat to use as energy later on.

But we live in a time of limitless food choices and availability.  We drive cars, take elevators,   sit at desks and view exercise as work.Our job now is to untwist what has gone wrong in our lifestyles and get back to the way things should be.


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